A wise person once told me:

“Whitney, one this is always guaranteed. You will always get results for whatever you do. The question is: are these the results you want to get? If not, you probably have a list of really good reasons why you don’t get the results you want, right?”

I nodded confirming this last statement and was very happy he understood me. But then he continued …)

“Whitney, those aren’t reasons. Those are just pathetic excuses. Stop making excuses and start getting the results you want.“

(I got very quiet and that point and couldn’t decide if I should hug him or just kick him in the shins.)


“In several team building workshops and coachings over the last few years Whitney has used her high levels of empathy, intuition and flexibility to successfully help me and my team achieve valuable and sustainable results. Her international work experience, cultural sensitivity and linguistic flexibility to hop between German and English at the drop of a hat while facilitating and coaching were extremely helpful for my global team.”

(The client name and company cannot be published for legal reasons. Thank you for your understanding.)

So – are you getting the results you want or would you like some help from us to help you get what you want out of life?

  • Initial contact and enquiry

    Give us a call or use the contact button on our webseite to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and find out how we can best support you.Your enquiry and all subsequent coaching sessions are strictly confidential.

  • First conversation

    We value listening and, yes, we ask quite a few questions. We really want to understand what is important to you. What are the pain points? What should change? What should be different? What vision do you have for the future?

    First conversation

  • Set goals with coachee

    We work with you to help you set SMART goals for the change(s) want to have in your life. These goals also need to be in alignment with your personal value system, which is something we place high value on. It is important to have a clear, positive vision of your desired change. Sometimes it means first understanding what you don’t want and then flipping it 180° to discover what you want instead. This is critical so that your brain knows which direction it needs to move in. As Forrest Gump said, “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?”.

  • Development of tools and measures

    We have a large toolbox of methods, interventions, approaches, and experience that foster the desired change you want in your life. Depending on the number of sessions you have booked, we will select the best tools/approaches and combine them with our experience and expertise to help you achieve the change you desire.

    Development of tools and measures

  • Implement tools and measures

    We work with you in our coaching sessions – be it virtual or face-to-face – to provide you with the tools you need to successfully and sustainable implement the desired changes in your life. We strive to empower you with a positive, can-do mindset as well as one of taking responsibility for these desired changes. We can’t do this for you, but we can show you how and accompany you during this process.

  • Check for desired change und sustainability

    It’s important for us that you have implemented these changes and have reached your goals.

    Check for desired change und sustainability

These are the individual specialists for coaching

Whitney Breer

Sabine Renner

Nicole Dargent