What my customers say

EN • Vihesh

I am impressed by the method of conveying the content to the audience. I would recommend her because she has got lot of live examples which makes more easier to understand the concept and the content. Her 3 modules of training at Plansee India has brought a lot of changes within me and I can fell those changes when I am handling any tough situations in my daily life.

Danke and Regards!


EN • Christina Becker

A kind and friendly woman who gave such a lively, witty talk with a genuine message that made me really think. What more could you want? Fantastic!!

Christina Becker

EN • Christian L.

Why even green Australien drunken crocodiles should not hold you back to live your life – very impressionable presented by Whitney Breer – it was a pleasure to listen to you – thank you.

Christian L.

EN • Kranthi K.

Exceptional talent of presentation and the content of the training and model is very good. Whitney is one of the best trainer and we appreciate her skills and content she prepares for the training. Wish her a very successful career and many people to benefit from her training.

Kranthi K.

EN • Brigitta Ernst

If you have the pleasure of seeing Whitney Breer as a keynote speaker, you will hear a wonderful mixture of competence, humor, and self-irony, which speaks for special greatness. The whole thing is presented with charisma and in charming German (with an unmistakable English accent). In short: pure enjoyment and a great personality! Happy again.

Brigitta Ernst

EN • Ruchi Darshini K.

I personally feel the leadership training was a great session in which Whitney through her teaching and guiding abilities have made me understand about my positive and negative strengths and to use them appropriately. The innovation involved in small groups making, the way the topics were presented were all super fine. Personally too Whitney has guided me in approaching life in a better way.

Ruchi Darshini K.

EN • Dominic T.

Whitney has an incredible ability to level with her audience and turn the curriculum into a live, interactive, and useful learning opportunity. What I liked best was her one on one connections to people. She would recognize a specific attribute from someone in the training, or perhaps an event that was discussed, and would make the effort to talk/coach you on a more personalized effort. She also keeps in touch well after the training with literature and tools to continuously keep what you learned on the forefront. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Dominic T.

EN • S. Renner

Whitney Breer inspires and takes her participants on an exciting and inspiring development journey. She develops and implements creative, detailed, tailor-made content that has a touch of humor and fun to it. She always has the needs of the participants and the respective organizational context in mind while doing so. Her trainings and workshops invite you to try it out and make it easy to transfer the content to everyday work and life. 6 out of 5 stars.

S. Renner

EN • Uli

Very direct, straightforward, and efficient. Good international experience, especially important for globally active companies.


EN • Sziliard

Whitney is a very attentive coach, and she knows how to ask exactly the right questions and to give the right tips. Precise content and clear explanations in the trainings and coachings she conducted were an enrichment for me. Thank you very much for that – that’s how it should be.


EN • Svenja Frey

Whitney is characterized by incredible enthusiasm and professional expertise. Always happy to have her as a trainer and coach!

Svenja Frey

EN • Manuel Lojo

Whitney Breer is an excellent speaker who knows how to convey absolute benefits coupled with wit and charm in such an urgent manner that the participant feels immediately personally addressed. Thank you for your outstanding contributions.

Manuel Lojo

EN • Madeleine Kühne

Whitney Breer is an outstanding speaker who with a lot of wit and humor talks about the opportunities in life that you only need to seize when they come your way. She has an incredible on-stage presence, and her stories are unique: life is full of drunken crocodiles!

Madeleine Kühne

EN • Barbara Kalt-Böhm

A wonderful fantastic Whitney Breer, with charm and accuracy. She hit the nail on the head in her presentation and delivered many insights for me.

Barbara Kalt-Böhm

EN • Michael Hampel

Whitney Breer is an extraordinary personality. In her talks as a speaker, she clearly conveys content in a manner which is understandable, lively and with a lot of fun and passion. In doing so, she always keeps an eye on her audience. It is a great pleasure to listen to her. I can recommend 100%Whitney Breer as speaker!

Michael Hampel

EN • Randy Morales

Whitney Breer gave a more than impressive lecture. Her energy and her joy were immediately instilled in the audience, and she rightly won the Speaker’s Slam. I hope to see her on many more stages in future. The speaker’s scene desperately needs such women as Whitney.

Randy Morales

EN • Heike Larcher

Whitney Breer […] responds very individually to the questions and problems of the participants in her trainings. She has a very appreciative manner which readily allows even sensitive or personal points to be discussed openly. Thus, the participants can benefit personally as well as professionally from her seminars. Her preparation before the seminar is excellent and her flipcharts are legendary. Her lack of a projector, a laptop and power point slides make her seminars open, interactive and always surprising.

Heike Larcher

EN • Nancy

She is really an proven expert, I have had several experience of educational program with different people in many countries, and I can say she would be the best trainer I have had ever. Her way of handling diverse topics was very clear, easy, humorous, and moreover professional. I could find out myself having been developed during the training, after the training, and still. I confidently recommend Whitney Breer as your best trainer. 🙂


EN • Udo Fichtner

Whitney is the perfect symbiosis of empathy and energy. No matter what role, I would always hire her.

Udo Fichtner

EN • Malte

Whitney is a super authentic, competent, and experienced trainer who knows how to keep the participants under her spell with her charming and thoughtful manner. She always gives the needs of the group her top priority. She manages to create a safe setting for all participants by opening up to them and give them her full attention. This encourages everyone to participate. Thank you for working together and we look forward to the next training with you, dear Whitney.


EN • Thorsten Bennts

Very positive, energized and people minded professional trainer. Creative, flexible and reliable with a remarkable toolset and experience. Fascinates and convinces her audience. Very authentic.

Thorsten Bennts

EN • Hermann Scherer

Whitney brings tons of experience to the stage and above all, scores with her extensive, international know-how. In her trainings, everyone can that bit of content which is more important for them now in their lives…whether it’s getting mentally fit or discovering new opportunities for yourself and your company. Her guidance is straightforward, clear and yet empathetic, creative, humorous and compassionate for each individual. Thanks to the variety of different methods, Whitney always manages to meet the audience exactly where they are in life. An absolute expert, top recommendation.

Hermann Scherer

EN • Gabriela von der Hoeh

As part of our Woman Leadership Initiative, it was important to us to address issues that are of equal interest to men and women and to learn how these different challenges are being addressed. In the increasingly demanding working environment in which we operate, we therefore chose the topics “work-life-satisfaction” and “resiliency”. The choice of the suitable speaker was made easily and quickly! Whitney provided the information in a clear structure and with simple and pragmatic recommendations that are easy to integrate into everyday life. With a high level of empathy and her ability to look at things from many different perspectives, she managed to provide an excellent overview of the very multifaceted topics. Everyone felt addressed and understood and had the feeling that s/he is not a victim, powerless or at the mercy of stress and daily problems, but yes, can and should actively do something him-/herself! She spices up her workshops and talks and seminars with a sprinkle of humor. It is always a pleasure to meet and listen to her.

Gabriela von der Hoeh, Bayer Consumer Care AG

EN • Udo Fichtner

Whitney Breer motivates with passion. But her trainings and presentations are more than just inspiring and motivating, they foster sustainable change. Ms. Breer does not use Power Point slides; creative, humorous, vivid and interactive, she creates practical relevance and invites the audience to self-reflect.

Udo Fichtner

EN • Maggie Boyd

I had the opportunity to participate in a modular leadership training by Mrs. Breer. Before the training, the question for me was: Why attend another training? Didn’t I lead my team well enough? And in general – I am far too busy to participate in a multi-week international leadership development program. And yet, even on the first day of the training, Ms. Breer laid the foundation for a fruitful learning atmosphere. I was immediately taken in by her presentation style and her material. Now I not only know why successful teamwork has to be based on mutual trust, but also how I can build that trust. As a leader, we tend to believe that we already know what everyone in the team needs, but her training has shown me how to build to a truly successful collaboration and taught me a lot about myself. Employees want great leaders! If you invest in a workout with Whitney Breer, you won’t be disappointed!

Maggie Boyd, Plansee USA LLC

EN • T. Gerlach

In several customized team buildings and trainings, Whitney successfully coached my teams and me with a high level of expertise. She has the ability to adapt and truly understand the situation and helped us to achieve valuable results. Her international experience and skills to facilitate and coach flexibly in German and English were very helpful in our globally staffed teams.

T. Gerlach

Satisfied Customers