Well-Being Focused Coaching

Constant availability has its advantages as well as drawbacks in today’s society. Advantages? Fast, faster and then even faster. Drawbacks? Constant distractions, lack of focus and often the feeling that one is in a hamster wheel: running and running but getting nowhere really.

And it is exactly these drawbacks which can have such a serious negative impact on our short-term as well as long-term health. Healthy eating, physical fitness and mental well-being are postponed and postponed and postponed…

Try some of these statements out for size. Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

“I’ll start right after this project …”

“My customer has to have this by tomorrow at latest. I’ll catch up on my fitness later …”

“Late business dinners combined with alcohol make it impossible to use the hotel sport facilities when I’m on a business trip …”

“My inner Schweinhund is at fault. He’s to blame for this. He wins every time …”

“Just let me finish my to-do-list and then I’ll have a free mind and be able to relax …”

Can I stop now or should I continue? I think you’ve seen enough.

Becoming, being and staying healthy is a continuous, complex process. With our health-based coaching, we support and guide people on the path to achieving their personal health goals. Simply feeling good. More stamina for sport, everyday life or at work. Improved resilience to stress, more energy and simply feeling better in your own skin – who doesn’t want that?

The ultimate aim is to become aware of your individual possibilities and resources and make them accessible so that you can continue to develop and sustain or enhance your mental fitness and performance. Our health coaching comprises the following elements:

  • Healthy eating: fast and practical (during and outside of work!)
  • Support during long-term weight loss through change of diet and increased exercise
  • (Re)discover a work-life balance
  • Relaxation techniques…for busy people with no time for such things!
  • Movement and sport: creating an optimised, tailored program together with you
  • Increasing and sustaining resilience (ability to resist)
  • Self-management: between self-responsibility and external constraints
  • Positive mind management – the health-promoting effects of thought

Contact us for an appointment for an initial consultation. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and ascertain exactly what you are looking to achieve.