Giving and receiving effective feedback

Good news: Giving effective feedback that doesn’t attack or hurt someone is a LEARNED COMPETENCY. You can gain proficiency with some training and a portion of courage.

Bad news: Most people never learn this, and every time they try to give feedback, it blows up in their face. Relationships stagnate, and frustration builds.

Feedback with co-workers, employees, and leaders takes courage and can build trust if done correctly. It allows us to uncover and work on our blind spots and builds relationships. People know you talk to them and not about them when something is up. This builds psychological safety in teams and gets the elephant out of the room before it can do any damage. And this is what our trainings are all about.

In training sessions, we often hear, “When I provide feedback to other people, they are quickly offended.” Consequently, Many people sweep their feedback under the carpet and prefer to say nothing. On the other hand, leaders often say: “People shy away from giving me feedback – how am I supposed to know what I can work on?”

Our workshops and training sessions will enable you to give and receive feedback effectively.

Our feedback training is based on a communication model created by Marshall Rosenberg: the four-step non-violent communication technique. This method is essential for providing valuable feedback and helping the recipient NOT  to  feel attacked, threatened, or judged.


0.5 – 1.0 Day


This training is based on the 4-step non-violent communication method developed by Marshall Rosenberg. We also offer a series of videos prior to the training. This online preparation helps participants come better prepared to participate and engage in the training.

  • An objective, non-judgmental observation of what happened,
  • your feelings (here we explore real and unreal feelings),
  • your needs (what values were not fulfilled), and
  • your request (what would you like to see done differently in the future)

These are the individual specialists for Giving and Receiving Feedback

Whitney Breer

Nicole Dargent

Sabine Renner