"Creating a working environment where employees flourish."

Customized Solutions for Unique Customers

Employee motivation: This is what we are all about. We enjoy enabling employees to put into practice what they have learned and discover new opportunities for themselves and the company.

Some tasks are more extensive or require additional skills. Some global companies have purchasing rules that forbid working with smaller partners like us. That’s why we also work in networks with other trainers and coaches as well as with sales partners / consolidators, especially with Movendo and BetterCoach.

We have years of experience in over 20 countries and can provide all our services such as consulting, training or workshops in English or German. All trainers are fully bilingual.

What makes us different? The core of our entire training design is based on accelerated learning and positive psychology.

Our training approaches and workshops can be delivered virtually, face-to-face or with a blended learning approach. This approach combines interactive training videos to prepare for in-person or virtual training. This reinforces shared responsibility for the success of the event: participants are better prepared to ask questions and engage in dialogue. We save time on content delivery and can focus on trying out, practicing, and implementing new skills.

Accelerated learning also means creating training designs that accommodate all learning preferences. All of our events are interactive. They involve and engage participants. Participants often tell us how they look at their watches at the end of the training day and are surprised at how time has flown by.  There is no sitting around, no staring at slides. We value engagement and interaction. We respect, value, and appreciate people for who they are and where they are in their development and use that as a springboard for further development.

Positive psychology is based on the premise that “other people matter.” Every single person we work with is valuable and valued. No one is more or less important than anyone else. We treat every person equally. So in our trainings or events, hierarchies and status, to be honest, don’t really matter to us.

This approach lays the foundation for psychological safety and ensures that everyone has a voice and that it is heard and valued. We have a very positive attitude, and it’s contagious. We help clients focus on what they can control or influence. We show them how to find acceptance and let go of things they can’t influence or control.

This saves a lot of energy and helps you focus on the changes you want to see in your life, teams, departments, organizations, etc. It is our ultimate goal that people take responsibility for the changes they want to have in their lives and we provide them with the tools they need to make these changes successful and sustainable.

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