DISC® assessment

DISC® assessment is a personality profile and analysis of potential based on four behavioral traits, allowing an assessment and prediction of respondents’ behavior in certain situations.

The DISC personalty profile, which is used worldwide, was developed by the psychologist William Marston. The letters D, I, S and C stand for the four main behavioural traits.

Following this initial distinction, Marston then developed the two dimensions: extrovert/introvert and task-oriented/people-oriented. Using this format, he was able to define the following four basic personality types:

D Dominance accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
I Influence influencing or persuading others, openness, relationships
S Steadiness cooperation, sincerity, dependability
C Conscientiousness quality and accuracy, expertise, competency

The DISC personality profile allows users to determine which aspects of this behavioural dimension apply to their personality structure depending on the situation. DISC provides information about our strengths, preferred working method, optimum environment, potential for conflict and what motivates us.