Change Management

Change management is crucial for organizations because it ensures the successful navigation of transitions, minimizing disruptions while maximizing benefits. It addresses the innate resistance to change, fostering employee buy-in and maintaining morale. Promoting transparent and effective communication helps employees understand the rationale for change and their roles in the process.

Change management optimizes resource allocation, reduces operational disruptions, and enables sustainable adoption of new strategies, technologies, or processes. It cultivates a continuous learning, adaptability, and innovation culture, which is vital for staying competitive in dynamic environments. Well-executed change management also boosts organizational resilience, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to external shifts.

Ultimately, it empowers organizations to proactively shape their future, enhance employee satisfaction, and achieve desired outcomes while minimizing the risks associated with change.


2 days plus optional individual coaching

Key elements:

  • Develop a compelling case for change
  • Assess stakeholders and the criticality of their support
  • Creating a stakeholder engagement and communication plan
  • Understand what phase of change you and your stakeholders are in and what you can do to help them move on
  • Build your resilience to get through change in a more healthy and efficient manner
  • Learn about how imperative the active, visible support of executive sponsorship is
  • Align executive sponsors and build a sponsorship coalition
  • Assess the willingness to change in your organization
  • Conduct a change impact analysis
  • Set up an effective communication and event plan
  • Plan early for employee resistance: understand where and why the resistance will be there and address it early on
  • Collect feedback at the end of a change initiative and make any necessary corrective measures

We offer a 2-day Functional Leadership Training for project leaders as an additional module to this training. We’ll gladly supply you with more details and information upon request.

These are the individual specialists for Change Management

Whitney Breer

Nicole Dargent

Sabine Renner