Powerful Presentations

Building your presentation skills is vital because effective communication is a cornerstone of success in all fields. Such training equips you with essential skills to convey ideas coherently, engage audiences, and leave lasting impressions. Learning to structure content, use visuals, and manage body language enhances the ability to convey complex information clearly. Confidence-building exercises address stage fright and empower presenters to speak with assurance.

This training cultivates dynamic storytelling by making the content relatable and memorable. It also fosters adaptability, enabling speakers to respond to unexpected situations. Feedback sessions provide constructive critique, facilitating continuous improvement. Adept presentation skills enhance professional credibility and promote collaboration, persuasive influence, and leadership qualities. In today’s interconnected world, where effective communication drives progress, participating in this training is an investment in personal and professional growth.

We host training sessions and workshops for both individuals and groups.


1- 2 days in groups of 10 or less / individual coaching is also available upon request


Expand your range of presentation and rhetoric tools by

  • organizing content in a way that makes sense,
  • keeping your main message in mind when structuring the content of your presentation,
  • adding value for your audience within the first 30 seconds,
  • creating an impressive opening and unforgettable ending,
  • conveying a clear message on every single slide,
  • using PowerPoint sensibly, stylishly, and appropriately – as often as required and as little as possible,
  • deciding what to leave out so the main message doesn’t get lost in a sea of data,
  • involving your audience and keeping their interest,
  • mastering the art of handling a demanding audience,
  • planning in advance for resistance and push-back,
  • calming the stage fright and presenting with poise and confidence,
  • effectively using your voice and body language, and
  • creatively using flipcharts and pinboards.

AND: Doing all this online and in an on-site format in front of a live audience!

These are the individual specialists for Powerful Presentations

Whitney Breer

Ian Christie