EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

What is emotional intelligence? It is a set of emotional and social skills that indicate how well we:

  • Are aware of our own emotions,
  • Clearly and comprehensively understand these emotions,
  • Develop and maintain social relationships,
  • Handle challenges and stressful situations and effectively and sensibly apply emotional information.

An overview of the model:

  • Your emotional intelligence (EQ) is categorized into 5 areas, each with 3 skills.
  • The first area is self-awareness – the better you understand yourself and more self-aware you are, the easier it is to express yourself.
  • By expressing yourself with more ease, this leads to healthier and more trustworthy relationships with other people. This supports good decision-making.
  • Good decisions help you to better handle stress, while functioning stress management helps you to continually be self-aware.
  • All areas together influence your emotional and social work skills. They are in balance. This positively affects your wellbeing and personal performance.

Each profile includes a personal debriefing. This conversation is a chance to reflect on your cognitive skills and your own behaviour. This meeting is confidential and gives you the chance to ask questions and set development goals for yourself with the help of your coach.