Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery Preference Profile is a personality development tool that helps individuals get to know themselves better in an appropriate, positive manner. It contains numerous tips and guides to determine personal development paths. The Preference Profile is ideal for recognizing and becoming aware of your own working, management, communication and behavioral style. 

You will also discover the impact you have on others and how they perceive you. With Insights Discovery, every aspect of your unique character is addressed.

Diversity, when understood and used specifically, strengthens teams and organizations. The main objectives of Insights Training are:

  • Understanding yourself better: Increased self-awareness and outside perception allowing you to familiarize yourself with your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Adapting to others and forming relationships: Learn how to recognise and manage the needs of others.
  • Developing an individual, personal strategy: How to better handle people who are very different to you or perhaps even “difficult”.
  • 8/15

As well as a personality profile, Insights Discovery offers additional modules on the following topics:

  • Management and management development
  • Effective selling
  • Recruitment interviews

All three additional Insights modules can be booked individually and are a great addition to team building and individual coaching measures.