Wingwave Coaching

“What is wingwave®” – I consider wingwave coaching to be a valuable tool in my coaching “toolbox”. Wingwave coaching has been successfully implemented in the areas of business, sport, teaching, health and artistic fields. This method is often used in conjunction with other trusted coaching processes.

The wingwave method is a type of performance and emotion coaching that leads to increased creativity, mental fitness and conflict stability, with results soon visible for the coachee in just a few sessions. This is achieved by a simple, basic intervention: producing “awake” REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement), which we normally only experience while sleeping.

Wingwave focuses on the following coaching areas:

  1. Regulation of performance-related stress
    Effective regulation of stress, e.g. tension within a team or with clients, spotlight-related stress, setbacks on the road to achieving your goals, fear of flying or physical stress such as lack of sleep. You will quickly feel reenergized, inwardly calm and resilient as a result of fast stabilization of your inner balance.
  2. Resource coaching
    Here, we employ interventions for success issues such as increasing creativity, self-image coaching, persuasive charisma, positive self-motivation, strengthening internal teams, goal-visualization and mental preparation for top performance – for example, an important appearance or sports competitions.
  3. Belief coaching
    Performance-inhibiting beliefs are brought to light and transformed into resource beliefs. Finding personal cases and examples from your past where you were happy and satisfied is of particular importance here because this can make our inner world unshakeable in the long term. The aim is to find an emotionally stable belief basis and personal beliefs that can withstand demanding mental pressure.

Contact us for an appointment for an initial consultation. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and ascertain exactly what you are looking to achieve.