Nicole Dargent

Expertise training and coaching

  • Resilience
  • Team development with Insights Discovery
  • Conflict coaching
  • Positive psychology

Working languages

  • German
  • English

Why is this job a calling for me?

“I have always loved to see people tapping into their strengths, acquiring new skills and starting to actively look for more joy and fulfilment in their lives. That is why, since starting to work in further education in 1996, I have always been curious about how to best support people in such a process and I put my energy into creating a training or coaching atmosphere of trust, humour and purpose that makes it easy for people to embark on and keep pursuing a journey of personal growth.”

Education & Qualifications

  • State qualified teacher of English and German (equivalent of master)
  • Coach, certified ACC by International Coach Federation
  • Conflict coaching on the basis of non-violent communication
  • Certified Insights Discovery practitioner

A favorite book

One of my favourite professional books is “Positivity” by Barbara Fredrickson (“Die Macht der guten Gefühle” in German). Not only does she provide scientific proof of how essential positive emotions are for acquiring new competencies in life; she also provides research results and exercises that help people to focus their energy on essential things in life, thus enabling them to lead a more self-determined and content life.

One of my all-time favourite private reading is the Campus Trilogy by David Lodge which portrays human nature and the differences of American and British (academic) culture in a wonderfully sharp and humorous way.