TMP Team Management profile

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a psychometric assessment tool designed to provide insights into an individual’s work preferences and contributions to team dynamics.

Developed by Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems, the TMP is based on the research of Dr. Charles Margerison and Dr. Dick McCann, who identified eight critical work functions that are essential for effective team performance.

The TMP assesses an individual’s preferences across the following work functions or roles:

  1. Creator: Individuals who excel in generating innovative ideas, exploring possibilities, and initiating new projects.
  1. Explorer: Those who are curious, open-minded, and enjoy exploring new opportunities and seeking fresh perspectives.
  1. Advancer: Individuals who are action-oriented, motivated to achieve results, and skilled at driving projects forward.
  1. Assessor: Those who are analytical, objective, and excel at evaluating ideas and options based on facts and data.
  1. Organizer: Individuals who have a talent for planning, organizing, and ensuring that tasks are efficiently executed.
  1. Thruster: Those who are highly driven, ambitious, and excel at motivating themselves and others to achieve challenging goals.
  1. Concluder: Individuals who focus on bringing projects to completion, ensuring that all loose ends are tied up.
  1. Controller: Those who are skilled at establishing and enforcing procedures, maintaining discipline, and keeping things on track.

The TMP provides a profile based on an individual’s scores across these work functions, offering insights into their natural team roles and preferred ways of working. This assessment is valuable for team development, talent management, and enhancing team effectiveness. By understanding each team member’s preferred work functions, teams can be better structured, and individuals can be assigned tasks that align with their strengths, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

Additionally, the TMP emphasizes the importance of diverse work functions within a team and recognizes that each role contributes uniquely to the team’s success. This approach encourages teams to appreciate and leverage each other’s strengths, promoting a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.

Overall, the Team Management Profile is a valuable tool for individuals and teams seeking to optimize their performance, understand their work preferences, and enhance their collective effectiveness in achieving shared goals. It is commonly used in team-building workshops, leadership development programs, and organizational development initiatives.