Maybe you’ve heard of the disease “Procrastinitis”? It’s a serious illness sweeping our society and is responsible for a lot of people failing to set or achieve goals they have made for themselves.

Procrastinitis also keeps us in our comfort zone. Maybe we stay there due to an inner fear of failure. Maybe we stay there because it’s easier to blame others than to take self-responsibility and move forward. Maybe we stay in our comfort zone to hide behind a fear of even larger things lurking behind it.

Whatever your reasons may be, they all have one thing in common: Your reasons (which by the way are simply excuses) are costing you a lot more energy to procrastinate than to just do it. Every second wasted on coming up with excuses why you have no time to do something is a second you could have invested in tackling whatever you want to change. Every second, minute, hour we spend whining and complaining to friends (who – by the way – are probably sick of hearing your sad excuses) about your miserable situation are seconds, minutes, hours you could have invested in implementing the change you desire.

So what’s holding you back? We love working with clients who are ready to roll up their sleeves and stop procrastinating. We will support you in making the changes you desire in your life. We will support you in exploring possible fears or other obstacles which are getting in your way. And we will help you come up with a plan that is doable and rewarding.

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