Michael A. Tighe


  • Virtual intercultural teamwork and leadership
  • Live online facilitation, leadership program design and execution
  • Virtual cross-cultural leadership coaching

Working languages

  • US English (native)
  • German (CEF C2)

Why is this job a calling for me?

“I am in my element interacting with people in the cross-cultural virtual space. My natural curiosity about leaders from other cultures seems to help these leaders open up and share their insights with me and be open to perspectives I might offer. I perform as a kind of conduit; I observe, probe, filter and translate. Through my work I am always learning; things are always unpredictable, and I am fortunate enough to frequently experience a feeling of flow and significance in the work I do.”

Qualifications & Education

  • BFA (summa cum laude) University of Hartford, USA
  • Facilitation, coaching, shadowing and mentoring for program facilitators in virtual intercultural leadership and collaboration
  • Consultant, coach and team coach for international virtual teams
  • Designer for Live online programs on virtual intercultural leadership and collaboration
  • Corporate master facilitator for variety of global corporations

A favorite book

Cross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference by Criag Storti