After a needs-analysis is carried out, it sometimes become evident that specific instrument may be useful to help a customer reach their goals. For example, if there is conflict in a team and interviews indicate that team members are talking at cross purposes or misinterpret each others‘ behavior, an instrument such as Insights Discovery may be useful to resolve this conflict. Instruments are used on an as-need basis and clarified with the end-customer.

Insights Discovery


Myers Briggs

Type Indicator

EQ-I 2.0

Emotional Intelligence



Team Management profle

Are you looking to develop on a personal or professional level and need the right starting point? Lebenskunst gives you access to several instruments:

The four personality instruments – Insights Discovery, MBTI, EQ-I and DISC – are all similar in that they are all based on the original research of Dr. Carl G Jung. They do, however, differ in cost, complexity, target group and language flexibility. We will be glad to help you choose the right tool for your needs and budget. All instruments are also available for individual coaching or team building in conjunction with topics such as personality development, career planning and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Whether individual coaching or team events, these four tools offer the following benefits:

  • Sharpen perceptions, awareness and the senses.
  • More understanding of yourself and increased empathy and tolerance of others.
  • Recognize the personality traits of people.
  • Better, more efficient communication.
  • A respectful approach to different preferences, particularly in teams, in which many different working styles and preferences come together.
  • Strategies for effective teamwork and the basis for effective communication within a team.
  • Improve relations with partners.
  • Discover personal gifts, skills, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Examine your own “management style”.
  • Clarify whether professional tasks correspond to personal preferences.
  • Help with career planning.
  • Improving social skills.

“The single biggest problem in
communication is the illusion
that it has taken place.”

George Bernhard Shaw


“Whitney Breer is a very open-minded and friendly trainer and coach. She gets her training content across in a very visual and inspiring way – and without the use of a single power point slide. She is able to activate and involve all the participants during the entire training day by using a wide variety of activities, methods and tools. This constant repetition of the training content deepens and anchors the knowledge which helps foster long-term use of it. In one-on-one coachings Whitney works at a very individual and personal level to help the coaching client really be able to master challenges in professional as well as in daily life. She always has a plethora of tools and tips on hand and moreover, she gives very open and honest feedback about situations or to the client directly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Whitney for the fantastic leadership program in 2016 in which I have developed myself personally as well as professionally. Tools such as Insights Discovery® and E.Q. I 2.0 ® have really helped me to becomes a better leader: leading myself as well as my employees.”

Steffen Schmid, Head of Sales Aerospace
Balzheim, Germany

We would be happy to examine your current situation and needs with you and then work hand in hand
to select the right tools for you or your team which would foster further growth.

  • Current Situation/State

    Licensed tools are sometimes used in trainings, coachings, team workshops and other events to bridge the gap between the current and desired state.

  • Active listening & understanding of desired change

    During the planning and conceptual phases of such events , it’s important to understand your needs.

    Active listening & understanding of desired change

  • Clear Vision of Desired State

    What vision do you have for the future? What does it look like now and how should that picture change in the future?

  • Selection of a licensed Tool

    Our trainer team are licensed practitioners in numerous tools and instruments. Once we have understood what you want to achieve, we can help you select a tool which will help you reach your goal(s). These tools are multi-facetted and can be used, for example, in team workshops, leadership trainings, online trainings, coachings ….

    Once we know what you want to achieve, we’ll put forward a proposal and look together with you at the fees/costs involved with the tools.

    All tools work with online questionnaires which are sent out individually to each participant before a training or event takes place. The questionnaires are processed, and individual profiles are created before a training, be it face-to-face or virtual.

    All profiles are treated with utmost confidentiality, and no one has access to them except the person who has filled out the questionnaire.

    These profiles are used to support team development as well as individual growth, resolve conflict, foster innovation, build better leaders, etc.

    Selection of a licensed Tool

  • Insights Discovery Personality Profile®

    The Insights Discovery Preference Profile is a personality development tool that helps individuals get to know themselves better in an appropriate, positive manner. It contains numerous tips and guides to determine personal development paths. The Preference Profile is ideal for recognizing and becoming aware of your own working, management, communication, and behavioral style.

  • DiSC Analysis®

    DISC® assessment is a personality profile and analysis of potential based on four behavioral traits, allowing an assessment and prediction of respondents’ behavior in certain situations.

    DiSC Analysis®

  • Myers-Briggs-Type Indicator®

    The MBTI profile describes certain patterns of human behavior and identifies personality preferences that characterize our behavior in our professional and private lives. With the help of this assessment, people can understand themselves and their behavior, and also assess other people. It is particularly useful when it comes to communication.

  • EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

    This tool focuses on emotional intelligence, which is a set of emotional and social skills that indicate how well we:

    • Are aware of our own emotions,
    • Clearly and comprehensively understand these emotions,
    • Develop and maintain social relationships,
    • Handle challenges and stressful situations and effectively and sensibly apply emotional information.

    EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Desired-State, Vision

    After we use the tool in the desired setting (training, workshop, coaching), we’ll follow up with feedback to find out if the desired change has been implemented.

These are the individual specialists for the four instruments

Whitney Breer

Nicole Dargent

Ian Christie

Sabine Renner