Stefanie Heuer


  • Personality development
  • Mental training
  • Leadership training
  • Workshops on strategy, vision, and team building
  • Moderation

Working languages

  • German (native language)
  • English (fluent)

Why is this job a calling for me?

“Imagine you love what you do, because then you’ll never have to work again. I am very lucky to be in such a luxurious situation. The right questions and helpful impulses have a fascinating effect and help people to grow and develop personally. I am grateful that I can accompany this process with a large toolbox of methods.”


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), specializing in Marketing and HR, Lingen/Germany
  • Master of Science in Sales & Marketing (M.Sc.), Wismar/Germany


  • Over 15 years in business – from SMEs to large corporations
  • Mental trainer
  • Emotions coach (certified according to emTrace®)
  • NLP Practitioner (certified according to DVNLP®)
  • Systemic Business Coach (certified according to DVNLP®)
  • Licensed Trainer for Lego® Serious Play®
  • Equine assisted coaching
  • Personality analysis face reading
  • Certified trainer for Lego® Serious Play®

A favorite book

My favorite book is the Master Key System by Charley Haanel. It’s about mental laws and mental strength, about how our thinking influences our lives. It’s fascinating that it’s just as relevant today as it was in 1912.