Newsletter July 2024

Dear business partners, colleagues, clients, and friends,

Welcome to the July 2024 Summer Edition of my newsletter, “Leading Yourselves and Others.”  At this time of the year, there are many semi-annual employee dialgues taking place, and employees can feel overwhelmed  and inundanted by information, targets, and daily business. This edition will give you a practical tool, which you may find helpful in coaching your employees to set and stay focused on priorities. You’ll be able to understand how this tool works based on a case study from a recent client and apply it to your leadership role in your organization.

Have a fun and safe summer!
Whitney Breer

The Leader as Coach: Helping Employees Determine Priorities

There are probably as many leadership styles and approaches as there are possible coffee combinations at Starbucks: situational, authentic, emotional intelligence, relational, servant, shared, connective, adaptive, strategic social change, transformational, strength-based, and coaching – and this list is not exhaustive. Each style has its strengths and drawbacks and each one has its right place at the right time.

I personally believe that one of the most advanced leadership styles is “The Leader as Coach.” Why? […]